“The earplugs were great. My wife and I both used the medium filters and neither of us had any ringing in our ears or hearing loss afterwards. We both found that, unlike normal foam earplugs, the quality of the audio wasn't reduced, just the volume.  I did find them a bit itchy at first, but, to be honest, I get that with all earplugs, and it wore off after a bit.  I also found that my wife and I could talk to each other by just speaking at normal volume with our mouths close to each other's ears rather than having to shout, so I did not have a sore throat the next day either like I normally do after a gig!  My wife, as a former noise professional, was very impressed by the information supplied with the earplugs and the provision of two different filters as well as the actual performance of them…” Thanks again.

- Warren


"I purchased some ear peace hearing protectors while at the Goodwood festival of speed. The person I purchased them from made some quite big claims about how good they were, after getting them, I used them while stood next to an F1 car revving high, result? Yes. Still loud but comfortable, still wanting to test them more, I stood near, (well nearish) a drag car, this was loud but as all those around me stood with fingers in their ears, I was still comfortable. I have now thrown all my other ear defenders away because your product really works, so much so after travelling 2 hours home, I realised I still had them in.  must buy another pair, in case I lose these."

- Mr Sherrington


"I have been using ear protection for the last 5 years in my band rehearsals, concerts and as a viewer at live shows, and EarPeace are the best ones I have ever tried. They jeep the sound quality while they are so comfortable! I've checked them in Bilbao BBK Live, Donostia, Heineken Jazzaldia and other smaller gigs, and they are my ultimate ear protection tool

- Odei Areta


"I have been playing bass guitar with bands for 18 years and never used ear protection - never thought about the damage loud noise can do. A few months ago, my brother suggested me Ear Peace, so I ordered a couple out of curiosity. Now, I cannot do without them! The difference in sound quality is amazing and no more headaches at night. You literally brought peace back to my ears! Thank you!”

- Adriano A.
Malta, Europe 

“As a concert Lighting Director, I've been using EarPeace for the past five weeks of Jay-Z's current "Blueprint 3" tour and have been very impressed with both the performance and ease of use. They've been working really well for both myself and special guests that join us front of house. The 10db filtering gives a nice level of protection without feeling like you're missing the live sound experience of the show. Well done guys!” 

- Patrick Dierson

I use Ear Peace everywhere, from small bars with loud acoustics to nationally renowned venues with $100,000 line array systems, they make every loud environment sound better.

- KC of the Fatback DJs

WOW...what an amazing product. I have been struggling at concerts for several years, using everything from drug store earplugs to kleenex to buffer the sound. I could not believe how much more I enjoyed the concert when I was just listening to the music, and not trying to block out the "noise." I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from "aging ears." They are so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them, and the carrying case was so convenient! I am so glad I purchased EarPeace.

- Kathleen B. 
Moorpark, CA

"I've been a long time user of "drug store" ear plugs at concerts... but no more! Ear Peace ear plugs feel way better in my ears and I like that they just cut out the highs that hurt my ears and don't muddy up the fun.  If I'm being honest I really like that they are invisible while I'm wearing them too, no more bright marshmallows sticking out of my ears. The carry case looks nice and easily travels with me to shows both at home and while on vacation so I no longer find myself trying to make do with napkins or hunting for a store. A quality product!

- Mike S. 
Winter park, FL

"Formula 1 racing is loud and the engines whine at a frequency that becomes painfully tiring on your ears after about a minute. EarPeace was awesome at Silverstone 2012 for bringing the noise level down to a comfortable level without totally disconnecting me from the world around like the standard orange foam plugs do. Thanks Jay and the team. Onwards and upwards!

- Paul M.
Maimi, FL